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Monthly Archives: February 2016

The True Costs of Wound Care

What are the true System costs of wound care in the United States? One can find estimates for the costs of pressure ulcers. Diabetic wounds have an estimated cost to the system that’s been documented. All totaled it could be well over $200 billion. But less well publicized types of wounds like venous stasis ulcers…
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Care Where You Need It

 AHI’s Clinical Services are designed with the patient in mind. From our friendly staff to our in-clinic, home or facility treatments, we have multiple options so that you are at the center of your care. Patient Focused Care Delivery Your healthy outcome is our team’s highest priority. Our approach to your care uses actual evidence…
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Wound Case – Third Degree Burn

*Warning graphic images Subject: 88 Year Old Female Primary Diagnosis: 945.36 – 3rd Degree Burn Wound Type: Burn – patient discharged from the burn center after medical staff assessment determined that skin grafts would not work due to patient age and location of the injury. Wound Location: Bilateral Thigh Burns Right Thigh: Starting Measurement –…
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