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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Ankle Sprain, Common Injury That Can Cause a Life Time of Pain

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries that we experience in our daily lives. It is estimated that more than 60% of us experience a significant ankle sprain at some point in our lives. These sprains can lead to significant chronic ankle pain and ankle instability if proper care is not delivered. The…
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To Run Barefoot or Not Barefoot, That Is The Question.

If you have been in the running world over the last decade you have most likely heard of or read about the “benefits” of running barefoot or in minimalist shoes compared to traditional running shoes. If are not in the “running world” this may be news to you. There has been a heated debate over…
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Wound Case – Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Subject:  57 Year Old Female Primary Diagnosis:  Type II Diabetes with Peripheral Circulatory Disorder Wound Type:  Diabetic Foot Ulcer Wound Location: Right Foot Wound Onset: February 28th Prior History:Patient with a past medical history that is significant for Type II Diabetes,  Hypertension and chronic non‐decubitus ulcers of the foot. Treatment Protocol: AHI TRUHEAL Wound Program ordered on May 9th Patient Outcome:Wound was 100% healed within 11 weeks on AHI TRUHEAL Wound Program. Amputation of RT Foot averted. Treatment Start: February 28th <img src="https://gallery.mailchimp .com/0d51302ae4eab449e9b870b34/images/0628f188-6340-4817-bf24-db69fe6753fa.jpg" alt="" />   Treatment End: May 9th  
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April News

The definition of limb salvage is saving a lower extremity that would have otherwise been amputated. There is excellent evidence that using a multidisciplinary team results in lower amputations rates. Despite this supporting literature, the concept has been slow in universal acceptance and a large number of primary amputations are still occurring today, resulting in…
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