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Wound Case – Surgical Wound

Primary Diagnosis:  Post-Surgical Toe Wound with exposed hardware – 2 ½ months duration

Wound Type:  Surgical Wound

Wound Location: RT Great Toe

Prior History: Patient presents with a past medical history that is significant for Pulmonary Embolisms, Fibromyalgia, MRSA infections, Bone Infection of the Vertebra and Colostomy.

Patient is at high risk for infection due to exposed hardware and was placed on antibiotics by Infectious Disease doctor following surgery.

Patient states that the wound dressing was changed once daily and left throughout the day to air dry.

Treatment Protocol: Truheal Wound Program ordered in June 2016.

Standard Care: SilvrStat Hydrogel and large band aid . Dressing changes twice daily. Increased protein to 4-5 servings daily to support wound healing.

Patient Outcome: RT Great Toe wound was 100% healed in less than 3 months




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