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Care Alliance

iStock_000014169104_MediumAt AHI Care Alliance we are focused on improving the U.S. Health Care System for patients and their families, by providing better solutions to heal all types of patients regardless of the care setting, including the home. Our unique patient-centric approach provides a comprehensive program to healing that puts the patient at the center of their care.

If one of our clinic locations is not convenient, our team may be able to schedule an appointment in your community-based location.

Primary Care
Our primary care doctors are here for you and can help to identify and treat common illnesses as well as refer you to specialists when necessary. In addition to treating illnesses like colds and the flu, your Care Alliance team can help you manage chronic diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

-Preventive care and health education to keep you functioning at your best.
-Recommendations for immunizations and screening tests you may need and counsel you about how to live a healthy lifestyle.
-Diagnosis of medical conditions, treating illnesses and injuries.
-Coordinating your medical care.

Health care is complicated. Your Care Alliance Team can help to ensure you see the right doctors and can assist with keeping track of your treatments and medications.

Specialty Care Services
With a growing network of specialists in Podiatry, Audiology, and Wound Care as well as recommended partners for numerous other specialties, the AHI Care Alliance is your home for health services.


Care Where You Need It - Multiple Locations to Serve You
AHI Care Alliance currently has two locations serving the Twin Cities population with more expected in 2016. Call us at (952) 283-3169 to schedule an appointment at any of our locations.
Making It Easy to Access Health Care

Many services can be provided in your community-based place of residence . If you’re unable to schedule an in-clinic visit, call us at (952) 283-3169 to see if we can deliver services at your location.

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