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About Our Organization

At Advanced Health Institute we are focused on improving the U.S. Health Care System in three distinct, yet related ways.
Our first pathway is for patients and their families, providing a better solution to heal all types of patients regardless of the care setting, including the home. Our unique patient-centric approach provides a comprehensive program to healing that puts the patient at the center of their care.

Our second approach is an extension of the first, to improve healthcare by teaching clinical and facility-based providers what we have learned about patient care and the health system as we have traveled with patients across their care settings. From common breakdowns in care plans and communication, to opportunities for staff training and development, to compliance oversight, and readiness we offer services in support of our vision that the patient outcome is the most important outcome.

Finally, we support pursuit of measureable patient outcomes by creating and implementing data solutions capable of crossing traditional health system boundaries in order to provide actionable data about health status, treatment plans, and outcomes using a proprietary custom data platform. AHI’s HOOP (Health Outcomes Operational Platform) is a collaborative, secure, performant, immutable, highly distributed real-time data processing system designed to solve healthcare data’s real world connectivity problems.

Together these powerful tools provide a pathway in which AHI partners with patients to ensure they’re receiving the best possible care plans to meet their needs and best outcomes, with systems to identify improvement opportunities, to show the impact of those improvements by leveraging the system’s own data, and then to collaborate by offering custom solutions with documented outcomes.