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HOOP – Health Outcomes Operational Platform

Advanced Health Institute strives to provide individual, clinical and systemic health care solutions by combining solid business practices with expert health care providers and management teams who recognize that each provider, patient, and community requires and deserves a unique approach that drives toward sustainable, measurable, and optimal outcomes.

Understanding outcomes in healthcare requires understanding both the process of care as well as the process of care data and having the tools to bring those sets of information together in a space where they can be represented, analyzed and improved. HOOP (Health Outcomes Operational Platform) AHI’s HOOP is a collaborative, secure, performant, immutable, highly distributed real-time data processing system. HOOP provides a vendor and technology neutral system that processes structured and unstructured “Big Data” as well as safe accountable integrations with third party products, performing millions of transactions per second. Whether the problem is the data process, bringing together multiple data sets of structured and unstructured data in real time, or the clinical process requiring combinations of EMR, other clinical systems, and even patient and device captured data, the HOOP Platform can rapidly accommodate the problem.

HOOP catapults health care into the 21st century and provides the right information at the right time to a caregiver in any care setting so the best possible decisions can be made. The ability to see the right sets of information reduces unnecessary procedures, tests, and variations in care plans. Better outcomes, reduced costs, by continually measuring and improving through HOOP.

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