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Incident Reports

iStock_000005137369_MediumThis week during our Facebook live session we discussed incident reports and when should these be filled out.  We noticed that there were some concerns about incident reports such as: 

1)  Does your staff know what needs to be reported in an incident report?

2)  Is the incident reports getting to the RNs in a timely manner?

3)  Are you investigating incidents correctly in order to prevent situations from happening again?  

So what should trigger an incident report?

1)  Falls - If a patient is on the floor or there is a change in elevation,  an incident report is required.  Include what was happening at the time of the fall in order to identify patterns and trends in order to investigate what is causing the fall/falls.  

2) Injuries of unknown origin - Make sure these are being reported correctly and that communication books are being used when appropriate.  

3)  Behaviors resulting in altercations, injuries and/or fear of other individuals - This is especially important in vulnerable adult situations.  Make sure incident reports are being created for each individual involved.  Make sure to report not only injuries but that behavior is being reported as well.  

4)  Elopement and elopement attempts - Make sure that these are also being tracked.  Trends?  Where were they trying to go?  What medications are they currently taking?  

5)  Medication errors - Make sure you use an incident report or a medication report and that it is being sent to the RN as soon as possible.

6)  Accidents or occurrences that may result in injuries later - If we report incidents that can cause injury that helps reduce the amount of unknown origin reports and vulnerable adult reports since the possible cause was documented at the time of the incident.

7)  Vulnerable adult incidents (abuse, neglect, financial exploitation) - Make sure to run through your checklist to make sure to notify any possible cause for the incident.  Example - Were one-hour checks being neglected at the time of the incident?  

We hope this helps.  Remember to like our Facebook page and be updated with our Facebook Live sessions.   

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