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Vulnerable Adult Reporting

iStock_000041021308_LargeWe had a Facebook Live event where we discussed vulnerable adult reporting. This is an area where situations can become confusing and gray in the field. This was the third part of the four Facebook Live events we ran leading up to a webinar. The event focused on the risk to a facility and how to manage it. It's important to get in front of a case when you see a situation coming such as a family member getting upset when they feel their loved ones are not being taken care of. We discussed ways to report situations that occur and some verbiage that is helpful to know when dealing with vulnerable adult reporting.

Ways to report:
MAARC is the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center and is a centralized recording system created by DHS as a way to have one location to store all the information from assisted living and other healthcare facilities.

OHFC is the Office of Healthcare Facility Complaints and is an online space for nursing homes and swing beds and allows them to report online.

Helpful Verbiage:
Substantiated-a case is substantiated when a preponderance of evidence meets the definition of maltreatments. This includes neglect, financial, and failure to meet goods and services.
Not Substantiated - means that the preponderance of evidence shows that maltreatment did not occur.
Inconclusive - means that there is not the preponderance of evidence to not show that maltreatment did or did not occur.

Next week we will sum up the 4th and final Facebook Live event from our last series. As always if you ever have any questions please reach out to general@ahinstitute.com

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