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Wound Care for the Elderly Loved Ones in Your Life

For elderly individuals who are living on their own the importance of understanding how to treat wounds on your own is crucial. Whether it’s the result of taking a fall or resulting from diabetes, all wounds are different and need to be treated as soon as possible for the best chance at healing success. Here are just a few tips on how to take effective measures toward healing.


Know your wounds

The difference between a minor scrape and an open gash can be vast. The wide variety of wounds that can arise also means there are many different forms of treatment to heal them. Regarding the more serious in nature, there are two main types of wounds, acute and chronic.



Acute wounds are injuries that occur on the skin suddenly rather than over time, often resulting in injured tissues being exposed to the air. Acute wounds can be extremely painful, and due to the air exposure can in some cases lead to infection, as well as further damage toward vessels, nerves and muscle tissue. Any instance where the skin is irritated or ruptured, including incisions, punctures or tears will result in an acute wound. Pain, bleeding and swelling are the general symptoms, and treatment must be provided as quickly as possible.


The basic steps toward acute wound healing include:

Apply pressure and control the bleeding

Use soap or saline solution to cleanse the area of the wound

If possible, remove any dirt, glass or debris that is in the wound

Dress the wound temporarily, closing off exposure until receiving medical attention

After hospital or clinic visit, take the necessary antibiotics prescribed and follow their directions



Failing to heal your would properly can lead toward the injury progressing into a chronic wound. This is generally the worst scenario. Lack of proper healing has led to a lack of blood, oxygen and nutrients supplied by the body to the injury.


Side effects that can stem from the development of a chronic wound include:

Diabetic ulcers


Severe inflammation

Radiation poisoning



Understanding the state of your injury and its potential outcomes is the first step toward effectively understanding the importance of wound healing.

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