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Advanced Health Institute announced on September 19th, 2018 its merger with primary care leaders, Long Term Care Professionals/Pros.

Advanced Health Institute is cutting-edge technology and outcomes organization merges with Long Term Care Professionals to enhance (or strengthen)  the healthcare continuum and people they serve. Kurt Larson, President of Advanced Health Institute announced earlier this month it has joined forces with  Long Term Care Professionals as part of their mission to enhance the healthcare…
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Wound Case – Surgical Wound

Primary Diagnosis:  Post-Surgical Toe Wound with exposed hardware – 2 ½ months duration Wound Type:  Surgical Wound Wound Location: RT Great Toe Prior History: Patient presents with a past medical history that is significant for Pulmonary Embolisms, Fibromyalgia, MRSA infections, Bone Infection of the Vertebra and Colostomy. Patient is at high risk for infection due to exposed hardware…
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Care Alliance

At AHI Care Alliance we are focused on improving the U.S. Health Care System for patients and their families, by providing better solutions to heal all types of patients regardless of the care setting, including the home. Our unique patient-centric approach provides a comprehensive program to healing that puts the patient at the center of…
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