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Incident Reports

This week during our Facebook live session we discussed incident reports and when should these be filled out.  We noticed that there were some concerns about incident reports such as:  1)  Does your staff know what needs to be reported in an incident report? 2)  Is the incident reports getting to the RNs in a…
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Wound Case – Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Subject:  57 Year Old Female Primary Diagnosis:  Type II Diabetes with Peripheral Circulatory Disorder Wound Type:  Diabetic Foot Ulcer Wound Location: Right Foot Wound Onset: February 28th Prior History:Patient with a past medical history that is significant for Type II Diabetes,  Hypertension and chronic non‐decubitus ulcers of the foot. Treatment Protocol: AHI TRUHEAL Wound Program ordered on May 9th Patient Outcome:Wound was 100% healed within 11 weeks on AHI TRUHEAL Wound Program. Amputation of RT Foot averted. Treatment Start: February 28th <img src="https://gallery.mailchimp .com/0d51302ae4eab449e9b870b34/images/0628f188-6340-4817-bf24-db69fe6753fa.jpg" alt="" />   Treatment End: May 9th  
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HOOP – Health Outcomes Operational Platform

Advanced Health Institute strives to provide individual, clinical and systemic health care solutions by combining solid business practices with expert health care providers and management teams who recognize that each provider, patient, and community requires and deserves a unique approach that drives toward sustainable, measurable, and optimal outcomes. Understanding outcomes in healthcare requires understanding both…
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What do you and Peyton Manning have in Common

Many of you may have heard of Peyton Manning. If not, he played quarterback in the NFL for 18 years. This last season he missed 7 games due to a foot injury that is suffered by many adults in the US. He had a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. Please call if you have any questions…
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