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TRUHEAL Wound Care Program

The TRUHEAL Wound Care Program is comprehensive and clinically proven. For patients using the TRUHEAL Wound Care Program to take charge of their own healing, we will:

  • Work directly with you regardless of provider or care setting
  • Work directly with your care teams and provide clear, consistent communication of care plans and Patient progress
  • Develop care plans based sound evidence and clinically proven technologies
  • Provide education and training to the care team including the Patient and family members
  • Provide specific training of technologies, care protocols
  • Use a proprietary software based communication and decision platform to ensure all stakeholders are receiving the same information and progress of healing is monitored and assessed
  • As a Patient in our program you can you can engage our network of clinics and providers or our TRUHEAL Program can be used by any Provider and in any care setting including your home
  • Be accountable and transparent to your care process and to your cost of care.
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