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Wound Case – Post Surgical Wound (Non-Healing)

Subject:  69 Year Old - Male

Primary Diagnosis:  Type II Diabetes Mellitus, History of Osteomyelitis, Neuropathy, Amputations

Wound Type:  Post Surgical Wound (Non-Healing)

Wound Location:  Left Foot- Plantar

Prior History:  Patient reports history of non-healing LT Foot wound over the last 3 yrs.  Recently, has experienced difficulty with healing left foot plantar wound following a surgery to remove a piece of bone. Past medical history is significant for Type II Diabetes, several occasions of osteomyelitis resulting in amputations of (2) left toes over past few years and neuropathy.

Standard Care:  Post-Op Foam dressing following surgery.

Treatment Protocol:  Truheal Wound Program ordered on Feb 5th

Patient Outcome:   Wound completely healed within 2 1/2 months on Truheal Wound Program.












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