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Clinical Services

A New Model of Service Delivery

Patient Focused Care Delivery

Your healthy outcome is our team’s highest priority. Our approach to your care uses actual evidence and data to inform your most effective treatment paths. We’re happy to share this data with you and with other clinicians. It’s your health, and it’s our job to give you the tools and recommendations to make the best decisions.

Care Delivery That Works For You

We’ve built our system to work with you and your family regardless of where you find yourself. In your community-based location such as an extended-stay care facility, or even with you as you see other clinicians, we hope to earn your trust in order to become guides to your care and your care team.

Our Clinical Specialties


TruHeal Wound Care
We happily accept and treat patients with even the most stubborn chronic wounds. Over the years we’ve healed thousands of patients who’d given up on healing their wounds. If you’ll allow us to consult in your healing, we can demonstrate remarkable results.


Specialty Care
Currently Advanced Health supports the specialties of Wound Care, Podiatry Audiology and Pre-Operative examinations. Our organization maintains partnerships with clinicians and providers of other specialties as well. If you need a specialist of a type not currently in our network, we’ll try to help you find one and if you’d like, we’ll join you in the visit.


Ancillary Care:
Advanced Health has begun the process of building a network of trusted ancillary care providers. If you need an ancillary provider of a type not currently in our network, we’ll try to help you find one and if you’d like, we’ll join you in the visit.

Where And How We Deliver Care

TruHeal Wound Care

TruHeal Wound Care At Advanced Health Institute we are focused on providing a better solution to heal all types of wounds regardless of the care setting, including the home. Our unique patient-centric approach provides a comprehensive program to heal all wounds types in all care settings. This includes diabetic ulcers, post-surgical wound complications, pressure ulcers, wounds due to venous and arterial insufficiency, and complications to the skin from trauma, infection and swelling.

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Advanced Health Institute Care Alliance

Advanced Health Institute is expanding our network of providers and clinicians in partnership with Home Health, Assisted Living, and Long Term Care providers. Contact us to learn more about our services and whether we can provide services at your location.

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Advanced Health Institute In-Clinic Services

Advanced Health Institute In-Clinic Services is providing in-clinic services at a growing number of locations in Minnesota. Contact us to learn more about whether your location is near one of our sites.

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